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Extract Files embedded in Pictures

Posted by Circuit Negma on March 23, 2009

Create By: Hussein Nosair

1. Go to the following website < WinRAR > to download winrar.

extract-3-23-2009-8.40.47 AM by you.

2. Click on Download Now

extract-3-23-2009-8.41.21 AM by you.

3. Click Save File to save WinRAR to you local hard drive

extract-3-23-2009-8.41.52 AM by you.

4. Install WinRAR by double clicking on the saved file from the previous step and follow the instructions on screen.

5. Browse/locate The image in question

extract-3-23-2009-8.42.54 AM by you.

6. Click on the image to go to the original image file.

7. Right click on the image and Save it to  your local hard drive

extract-3-23-2009-8.43.18 AM by you.

8. Launch WinRAR


extract-3-23-2009-8.45.54 AM by you.

10. Locate the Saved image from the previous steps.

11. By Default the software is set to show only archived files such as zip files and rar files. To be able to see the image file, you need to change the settings from Files of type drop list

12. Click on the Image file and then click OPEN

13. Winrar should open the file without any troubles or complains about the file.

14. Click on the folder and drag it out side of the  WinRAR software to your desktop to extract the folder to your desktop.

15. Double click on the extracted folder on your desktop to open the folder and navigate through the folder to see the files.


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