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Switching-Mode Power Supply Design Tutorial

Posted by Circuit Negma on March 19, 2008

A switching-mode power supply is a power supply that provides the power supply function through low loss components such as capacitors, inductors, and transformers — and the use of switches that are in one of two states, on or off. The advantage is that the switch dissipates very little power in either of these two states and power conversion can be accomplished with minimal power loss, which equates to high efficiency. The term switchmode was widely used for this type of power supply until Motorola, Inc., who used the trademark SWITCHMODE TM for products aimed at the switching-mode power supply market, started to enforce their trademark. Then more generic terms had to be found. I started using the term switching-mode power supply to avoid infringing on the trademark. Others used the term switching power supply, which seems to be the more popular term. PSMA does not define either switching-mode power supply or switching power supply, but does define switching regulator.

Switching-mode power supply design tutorial by Jerrold Foutz

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