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MS OutLook Tweaks :: How to recover deleted items in Outlook ?

Posted by Circuit Negma on July 10, 2008

Created By: Hussein Nosair

One of Microsoft Outlook’s hidden tools is the Recover Deleted Items tool. This tool allows you to recover most if not all of your deleted emails and items, even after you have deleted them from the Deleted Items Folder.

This Tool is not enabled in Outlook by default, and its activation requires a registry tweak using the Registry Editor (regedit).

Remember! Always backup your work before you implement any changes or modification to work under question.

Steps to backup Windows registry file:

  • Click Start
  • Click Run

  • Type in :: regedit and then click OK

  • Click on My Computer.

  • Click on File
  • Click on Export

  • Give this backup a name under “File Name“. use the following template for a filename : reg_mmddyy
  • Click on “All” under Export range

  • Click Save to complete the export registry file.

Steps to Activate the Recover Deleted Items Tools in MS Outlook:

  • IF MS Outlook is running, then CLOSE/EXIT MS Outlook.
  • Click Start
  • Click Run

  • Type in :: regedit and then click OK

  • Expand My Computer by clicking on the (+) on the left of My Computer
  • Expand Software

  • Expand Microsoft

  • Expand Exchange
  • Expand Client
  • Expand Options

  • Right Click in the big white space to the right, or Click on Edit in the Top menu bar
  • Click New
  • Click DWORD Value

  • Type DumpsterAlwaysOn

  • Double Click on the item “DumpsterAlwaysOn” you just have created
  • Set the DWORD value to 1
  • Click OK

  • Click on File, then Exit to close Regedit. Or click on the [x] mark in the Top right corner of the Regedit window.

Steps to use the Recover Deleted Items Tool:

  • Launch MS Outlook software

Before we launch the tool, I need to mention that this tool work independently on each folder in the Mailbox. For Example, Lets say that you have accidentally deleted some emails from your Inbox Folder. To use this tool you need first to Click on the Inbox Folder, then Follow the following steps:

  • Click on Tools.
  • You will notice that Recover Deleted Items tool is activated.
  • Click on Recover Deleted Items…

Select the emails that you want to recover and then Click on the icon market by the red box in the picture below.

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