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Text objects filled in plot preview but not in plotted output

Posted by Circuit Negma on September 13, 2010

Created By: Hussein Nosair

Source: TrueType® text objects filled in plot preview but not in plotted output

Published date: 2005-Jun-09
ID: TS67821

Applies to:
AutoCAD® 2007
AutoCAD® 2006
AutoCAD® 2005
AutoCAD® 2004
AutoCAD® 2002
AutoCAD® 2000
AutoCAD LT® 2007
AutoCAD LT® 2006
AutoCAD LT® 2005
AutoCAD LT® 2004
AutoCAD LT® 2002
AutoCAD LT® 2000i
AutoCAD LT® 2000


A drawing contains TrueType® text objects that are displayed as filled in the plot preview. However, in the hardcopy output, the TrueType text objects are plotted as outlines and are not filled.


To ensure TrueType® text is filled when plotted, configure the following settings:

  • Set the FILL command to on.
  • Set the FILLMODE system variable to 1.
  • Set the TEXTFILL system variable to 1.
  • In the Plot dialog box, clear Hide Objects.
  • Turn off the Hideplot property of the viewport
    Note: In AutoCAD 2004, 2005, and 2006-based products, turn off Shadeplot > Hidden Property of Viewport.

If these program settings do not resolve the problem, update your Windows system printer driver.


2 Responses to “Text objects filled in plot preview but not in plotted output”

  1. myweb2531 said

    ผมยังใช้ autocad v.2007 อยู่เลยครับ v.ใหม่ออกมาไวดีครับเด๋วจะลองเอามาใช้ดูครับ

  2. siemens said

    มี autocad ตัวใหม่ มา ต้องอัพเดท ข้อมูลบ่อยๆ ละครับ
    Thank you for your information offline.

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