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1-Wire Development kit :: Schematic Reworked

Posted by Circuit Negma on August 27, 2010

Created By: Hussein Nosair


1. voltage Regulator :: Redesigned the Circuit [DONE]

2. LCD Connector:: [DONE]

3. ICD 2 Connector:: [DONE]

4. MCLR circuit:: [DONE]

5. DS2480B :: Serial to 1-wire line driver:: [DONE]

6. DS2450 :: 1-wire quad ADC:: [DONE]

7. Pressure Sensor :: [DONE]

8. POT:: [DONE]

9. PIC18F4520:: [DONE]

10. XTAL:: [DONE]

11. 1-wire Terminal :: [DONE]

12. 1-wire 3-pins (100 mils spacing) header :: [DONE]


2 Responses to “1-Wire Development kit :: Schematic Reworked”

  1. Hi Hussein Nosair

    I like the circuit projects you have posted. I have some opportunities that I would like to discuss with you, but I am unable to contact you directly. My email is Elaina at eeweb dot com.

    Thank you
    Looking forward to hearing from you

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