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MentorGraphics PADS Layout :: How to extract an IPC-356 netlist from PADS

Posted by Circuit Negma on April 7, 2010

Partum Per : Hussein Nosair


Quam ut extraho an IPC netlist ex PADS Layout

Quam ut output an netlist ex PADS

Quam ut extraho an IPC netlist


PADS : 9.0 quod newer

Beginning : per PADS 9.0 illic est paternus IPC netlist extraho capability. Peto Lima Patefacio quod change " lima of Typus " ex ASCII Lima (*.asc) ut IPC 356 Lima (*.ipc). Secundum clicking servo vos ero validus sumo inter IPC D -356 vel IPC D netlist output.

PADS2007.4 quod senior :

senior versions of PADS operor non have paternus IPC netlist extraho. Vero , vos can download a VB scriptor ut has been written per a 3rd secui Vendolius procul ( nota , VB scriptor has non been exertus per Mentor Graphics quod nos vindicatum haud officium pro it’s sagaciter ).



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