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PADS Logic&Layout :: How to Back Annotate changes from PADS Layout into PADS Logic

Posted by Circuit Negma on September 21, 2009

Created By: Hussein Nosair 


Method1:1) Open your schematic in PADS Logic
2) Go tools > select PADS Layout > You will get ‘Connect to PADS Layout’ popup menu > click on Open > Navigate to modified PCB Design file > click Open.
3) The selected PCB design file will open in another PADS Layout window (keep it open).
4) Select PADS Logic window
5) Within the ‘PADS Layout link’ popup menu > click on the Design tab > click on ‘ECO from PCB’

This will update the changes of PADS Layout into PADS Logic

Method2:1) Open your PCB design file in PADS Layout
2) Go tools > Compare/ECO > you will get Compare/ECO Tools popup window
3) Click on the Documents tab > Add a check mark next to "Original Design to Compare and Update" and navigate schematic netlist file.
4) Then from "New Design with Changes" , click "Use Current PCB Design".
5) From the ‘Output Options’ add a check mark next to "Generate Difference Report" and "Generate ECO File"
6) Note down the location of ECO file then is going to be generated and click on the button ‘RUN’
7) Open PADS Logic
8) Invoke Schematic file.
9) Go to File > Import > will get ‘File Import’ popup menu
10) Within the popup menu select ‘Files of Type’ as ECO Files (*.eco) and navigate the .eco file which is generated from the PADS Layout > Click open.

This imports the changes of PADS Layout into PADS Logic.

Note for back annotation of renumbered Reference Designators:
    The PADS Layout Link in PADS Logic or creating an ECO file by using Tools > Compare/ECO in PADS Layout will not result in a correct reference designator update; this is particularly true for discrete devices.
    To pass ref des renumbering back to Logic you must specify that an ECO file be created in ECO Options prior to using the Auto-Renumber function in PADS Layout. When you open the ECO toolbar in PADS Layout take note that the "Write ECO file" box is checked, the "Append to file" is unchecked, the "Write ECO file after closing ECO toolbar" is checked and what location the ECO file is being written to. Once the renumbering is complete and you exit from the ECO toolbar the ECO file that was created will then be used in PADS Logic by going to File > Import (change Files of Type to *.eco).
    Logging the ECO file in this manner creates an exact list of the reference designators, recording the current reference designator and the new reference designator that corresponds to it after renumbering.  Note: Make sure that the designs are synchronized prior to performing the auto renumbering procedure.

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