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PADS Layout :: How to update all the part decals on the board at once from the library

Posted by Circuit Negma on September 21, 2009


This will update all parts on the board with information contained in the library.

  1. Open the PADS Layout file you wish to update.
  2. Go to File>Export (you will be exporting an ASCII file).
  3. Select a file name and location to save your ASCII file to, click Save.
  4. The ASCII Output dialog box will appear.
  5. Click on the ‘Select All’ button.
  6. Remove the check mark from Decals and Packages, click OK.
  7. Go to File>New (Save the file if you have made changes, otherwise select No).
  8. If prompted with a ‘Set Start-up File’ dialog box select the System Default Start-up File.
  9. Go to File>Import.
  10. Browse to the location of the ASCII file created in step three, click Open.
  11. The file will read in and update all parts on the board with the information contained in the library.

Make sure that your library contains all the necessary part types and PCB decals for the board.

Note 1: This process will update the PCB decals, but will not update Part type information such as attributes or alphanumeric pins.
Note 2: When a decal’s pad stacks are modified and only the Selected component is updated then the decal name is appended with an "a".  If the design database contains modified decals like this the update process may fail for those decals unless they exist in the library.


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