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TCPIP Project Configurations :: Microchip Stack V4.55

Posted by Circuit Negma on March 30, 2009

Created By: Hussein Nosair

TCPIP-Demo3-20-2009-9.32.15 AM by you.

TCPIP-Demo3-20-2009-9.32.28 AM by you.

TCPIP-Demo3-20-2009-9.32.22 AM by you.

TCPIP-Demo3-20-2009-9.33.05 AM by you.

TCPIP-Demo3-20-2009-9.33.17 AM by you.

TCPIP-Demo3-20-2009-9.33.29 AM by you.

TCPIP-Demo3-20-2009-9.33.33 AM by you.

TCPIP-Demo3-20-2009-9.33.35 AM by you.

TCPIP-Demo3-20-2009-9.33.37 AM by you.

TCPIP-Demo3-20-2009-9.33.42 AM by you.

TCPIP-Demo3-20-2009-9.33.45 AM by you.

TCPIP-Demo3-20-2009-9.33.48 AM by you.

TCPIP-Demo3-20-2009-9.33.53 AM by you.

TCPIP-Demo3-20-2009-9.33.57 AM by you.

NOTE:: For the Above picture, set count 1 to 0. you do not need the default TCP Socket configuration since you already did that for the Generic TCP Client and Server.

TCPIP-Demo3-20-2009-9.34.01 AM by you.

TCPIP-Demo3-20-2009-9.34.03 AM by you.

TCPIP-Demo3-20-2009-9.34.13 AM by you.

NOTE:: For My project, I do not need the UDP. unfortunately, the wizard would not let you dump UDP. thus Set Maximum UDP Socket to 1 and in the code we will eliminated it.

TCPIP-Demo3-20-2009-9.34.18 AM by you.


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