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Glossary 2 :: SIDACTOR

Posted by Circuit Negma on June 12, 2008

Created By: Hussein Nosair

VDRM (Peak Off-state Voltage) : Maximum voltage that can be applied while maintaining OFF state.

IDRM (Leakage Current) : Maximum peak OFF-state current measured at VDRM (Peak OFF-state Voltage).

VS (Switching Voltage) : Maximum voltage prior to switching to ON state.

IS MAX (Switching Current) : Maximum current required to switch to ON state.

VT MAX (ON state Voltage) : Maximum voltage measured at rated ON state current.

IH MIN (Holding Current) : Minimum current required to maintain ON state.

CO MIN (Minimum OFF-state Capacitance) : Minimum capacitance measured in OFF state.

CO MAX (Maximum OFF-state Capacitance) : Maximum capacitance measured in OFF state.

IPP (Peak Pulse Current) : Maximum rated peak impulse current.

ITSM (Peak One-cycle Surge Current) : Maximum rated one-cycle AC current.

di/dt MAX (Rate of Rise of Current) : Maximum rated value of the acceptable rate of rise in current over time.

Switch to ON STATE :

V <= VS @ I <= IS MAX

Maintain ON STATE :

Von <= VT MAX @ Ion >= IH MIN


V <= VDRM @ I <= IDRM


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