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Glossary 1

Posted by Circuit Negma on June 12, 2008

Created By: Hussein Nosair

VDRM = maximum repetitive peak-off state voltage
VRRM = maximum repetitive peak reverse voltage
ITGQM = maximum repetitive controlable on-state current
Cs = snubber capacity
IT(RMS) = RMS on-state current
ITAVm = maximum average on-state current (50 Hz half sine wave)
ITSM = maximum surge on-state current, nonrepetitive (50 Hz half sine wave)
(diT/dt)cr = critical rate of rise of on-state current
(dvD/dt)cr = critical rate of rise of off-state voltage
I2t = maximum rated value I2t
VTM = peak on-state voltage
VTO = threshold voltage
rT = slope resistance (on-state)
IGT = gate trigger current
VGT = gate trigger voltage
tGQ = turn-off time
TjM = maximum junction temperature
Tj = junction temperature = TjM unless otherwise indicated
Tc = case temperature
m = mass
Fp = pressure force


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