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Analog to Digital Converter Calculator

Posted by Circuit Negma on January 15, 2008

The following is a java tool that I have built during my work on microcontrollers.



How to download this tool:

1. Right Click on one of the above pictures.

2. click on “Save Target As…” or “Save Link As…”

3. save the image to your hard disk

4. use WINZIP to open the saved image in step 3.

A. open WINZIP program

B. either you drag the image and drop it in WINZIP program.


Click on File > Open

under Files of type > select “All files”

and then select the image and click on open.


4 Responses to “Analog to Digital Converter Calculator”

  1. Cassie said

    I am trying to download and using winzip to open it.
    However, it did not work.
    I am wondering how winzip can open an image file since it is a zip/unzip tool.
    Would you please tell me where I did wrong ?
    thank you


  2. hello Cassie,

    the zipped file is embedded in the picture. check the following post: Hiding files in JPG

    here is another way for you to open the zipped file. If you download the first image, then you will get the following name and extension: 2195887580_56f7790f8c_o.jpg.

    NOW WE will try to rename the downloaded image by right click on the image and then click on “rename”
    and then type the following:

    hit enter

    and then double click on the zipped file. your zip software should open the file.

    if your zip software refuses to open the file, then I would suggest downloading WINRAR

    if you have any further questions, then please let me know by posting here.

    • avinash said

      i tired all the above steps , but the file inside the zip folder is .jar .
      Could you tell me how to install this software on a computer !!!

      • .jar file is the program. You need java runtime environment to run jar files. if double clicking on file does not do anything, you need to install java on your machine. you can download java from

        if problem remains after installing java, then try to go to your windows console by typing cmd in “Run…” window under “Start” Menu. A black screen “console” will pop up. type the following:
        java -jar ??????????.jar
        and then hit “Enter” key on your keyboard.

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