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Check Movie Quality Without Downloading All Files

Posted by Circuit Negma on December 22, 2007

From another site so thanks to them just spreading the word,

For those of you how want to see the quality without downloading all the files just do the following.
1. Download only part one to your desktop.
2. Right click on the RAR part one and click on EXTRACT FILES. a window will open
3. In that window go down to MISCELLANEOUS, and check the box KEEP BROKEN FILES
4. In the large window highlight the place to save the file and click on OK
5. When the RAR extraction stops and say’s you need part 2,
just cancel the extraction and part 1 will remain as a playable part.
Just view with VIC or what ever player you use and check the quality of video and sound.

Saves a lot of DL time on a bad CAM copy.


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