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How to reinstall Hyper Terminal on Windows XP

Posted by Circuit Negma on January 29, 2007

How to re-install HYper Terminal on WIndowXP:

Steps to install hyperTerminal:
1. Click on ” START ”
2. Click on ” RUN ”
3. Copy the Following Line :
RUNDLL32 ADVPACK.DLL,LaunchINFSection %windir%\INF\communic.inf,Hypertrm

4. Click OK.


Steps to Uninstall HyperTerminal:

1. Click on ” START ”
2. Click on ” RUN ”
3. Copy the Following Line :
RUNDLL32 ADVPACK.DLL,LaunchINFSection %windir%\INF\communic.inf,HypertrmUninstall

4. Click OK.

46 Responses to “How to reinstall Hyper Terminal on Windows XP”

  1. Alicia Diaz said

    ¡¡¡Thank you very much!!!

    It works

  2. Timothy said

    Thanks a bunch!

  3. Antoine said

    This was sooooo usefull!!!

  4. kavin said

    missing hypertrm.exe file, where can I download that fiel? please help

  5. to kavin,

    did you follow the steps on How to re-install HYper Terminal on WIndowXP?

    as you can see, when you execute the file communic.inf, the communic.inf file will generate the missing hypertrm.exe (I think).

    so you need to check if you have the communic.inf file in the INF directory under windows directory.

    if you can not find it; try to copy communic.inf of the windows installation CD.

  6. MOHAN said

    Thank you very much!!!

    It works

  7. Bekyna said

    Tengo la necesidad de usar el hyperterminal en Windows XP, pero no se donde empezar, pues nunca lo he usado ya he tratado de buscar tutoriales pero nada y la opción de la ayuda no esta activa.

    Lo que necesito es hacer conexiones por via MODEM almacenar unos datos en un archivo, por medio de sentencias, desconectar, todo lo anterior de forma automática a una hora programada.


  8. to Bekyna,

    I do not think hyper terminal is the right software for you.

    try searching google for:

    serial modem logger
    serial modem logging

  9. Bekyna said

    Lo que dijo ya se puede hacer esta trabajando en diversas maquinas ya están las conexiones específicas, pero ahora a mi jefe se le ocurrió que esas conexiones se hagan solas, y que la información solo se almacene en un archivo eso es lo que no se como hacer.

  10. NPU said

    Thaaaaaanks a million!!!!

    You saved me! :) :) :)

    Really works! :)

  11. Anish Sane said

    Hey thanks a lot

  12. Iñaki said

    Thanks a lot man! Simple and easy.

  13. sriram said


  14. Uros said

    That’s what I was looking for. Thanks;-)

  15. Stoipi said

    Thanks! Great…

  16. luciane said

    como faço para usar o hyper terminal.preciso de arquivos que estão em outro computador.como faço para me conectar com esse computador através do hyper terminal?

    • você poderia usar hiper terminal para transferir arquivos de um computador para outro. mas eu não recomendo. Hyper Terminal é comumente usado para acessar base de dados ou a interface com um hardware embutido desenhos.

      se você quiser usar o Hyper Terminal para transferir arquivos entre computadores, então você precisa de um cabo serial a liga entre os 2 computadores. então você precisa definir o hiper terminal em ambas as máquinas que têm as mesmas configurações. que é que eles devem ter a mesma porta COM, a mesma taxa baud, etc

      uma vez os 2 computadores estão ligados uns aos outros, então você precisará ir para transferência menu para enviar e receber ficheiros entre 2 computadores.

      existem outras maneiras de conectar computadores uns com os outros que são mais eficientes e confiáveis.

      you could use hyper terminal to transfer files from one computer to another. but I do not recommend it. hyper terminal is commonly used to access basic database or to interface with a embedded hardware designs.

      if you want to use the hyper terminal to transfer files between computers then you need a serial cable the connects between the 2 computers. then you need to set the hyper terminal on both machines to have the same configurations. that is they must have the same COM port, same baud rate, etc.

      once the 2 computers are connected to each other, then you need to go to transfer menu to send and receive files between 2 computers.

      there are other ways to connect computers with each other that are more efficient and reliable.

  17. veerbal said


    it was realy heplful……….


  18. chandu said

    i am getting message LanchINF is miss
    can any one give the solution

    • please, send me the exact message you are getting, and I will try to find out the solution for you.

      basically, I am going to search Google for your message, plus search Microsoft database for any possible solution.

  19. Jayaprakash said

    Thanks its working….

  20. Robert said

    Ah yes, that would have worked if they had left the cabfiles on the laptop. I also got the error message “missing hypertrm.exe file”. Seems they don’t want us to install what they have removed. Pity, we are suffering from an outage until we can get Hyperterm running.


  21. rahul said

    One number solution

  22. vijay said

    thanks a lot
    but i have other problems i dont have MSpaint, calculator and internet explorer. I think they have currupted plz help me to reinstall them

    • Click on Start > Settings > Control Panel
      For All windows up to Win Xp:
      1. double click on ‘Add Or Remove Programs’
      2. Click on ‘Add/Remove Windows Components’
      3. Check Mark the box left to Internet Explorer
      4. Check Mark the box left to Accessories and Utilities
      5. Click Next to install the check marked components
      Note: You may need to have the Windows CD in hand

      for Windows Vista:
      1. double click on ‘Programs and Features’
      2. Click on ‘Turn Windows Features ON and OFF’
      3. Check mark the components you would like to install
      4. Click OK
      Note: you may need to have the Windows CD in hand

  23. Orlando said

    Thanks a lot… you save my ass.

  24. Sulaiman S M said

    Excellent!! This is helped me… Thank you very much

  25. yaz said

    makasih banyak (thanks very much)

  26. vikas tyagi said

    missing hypertrm.exe file, where can I download that fiel? please help

  27. Grilo D said

    Thanks a lot!

  28. AT said


  29. nebbob said

    This is invaluable info if your WinXP does not have this installed and it is not shown under Add Windows Components. On my Inspiron 1300, I found the path to communic.inf under c:\i386.

    Wonder why Microsoft is so silent on this issue?

    • Most of the time c:\i386 is your windows installation folder. Whenever, I install windows xp, windows setup leaves a copy of itself in windows folder and not on C drive, so that I do not use the CD every time windows needs some files from the installation CD. If this is the case, then to install the terminal you will have to replace %windir%/inf with c:\i386

      RUNDLL32 ADVPACK.DLL,LaunchINFSection c:\i386\communic.inf,Hypertrm

  30. Unoiviento said

    I will try, hopefully it works

  31. aviezab said

    Don’t make your head ill because it..
    Just download it here .. :P

  32. sharmil said

    thanks it worked!

  33. big said

    THANK YOU!!!

  34. Dima said

    I need help!write please link to download the file, HyperTerminal in WindowsXP, but about half of the Internet can not find a ransacked. Thank you.

  35. Hoe said

    Thanks man!!

  36. himanshu said

    thnku soooooooo much………….

  37. Thanks its working

  38. Helder said

    Thank you so much!!!!!! aviezab

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