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Full Wave Rectifier Simulation ver.1

Posted by Circuit Negma on April 12, 2006

fullWave.cir Full Wave Rectifier Simulation ver.1

* VS is the input for this circuit.  Say, it has a phasor amplitude of 1 volt in
* the F-domain and a sine waveform in the time domain, of 120 volt at 60 Hz.
* The following combination, independent, voltage source statement
* gives both the F and T domain specification.
VS 1 0 AC 1 sin(0 10 60)  ;AC source, Sine (DC=0 Ampl=120 Freq=60)
RS 1 2 .1        ;Spice wont let Ideal source drive ideal inductor

V+ 10 0  +7.5V
V- 11 0  -7.5V

R1 2  3  1K
R2 3  4  2K
R3 3  6  2K

RF 6  8  0.01

R4 4  7  10K
R5 7  8  10K
RL 9  0  1K

D1 4 5 1N4148 ;1N4148 Diode
D2 5 6 1N4148 ;1N4148 Diode
D3 8  9  1N4148

X1 0 3 10 11 5 LM741
X2 0 7 10 11 8 LM741

* Transistor And Diode models
.MODEL Q2N4401 NPN(Is=26.03f BF=4.292K BR=1.01 Rb=10 Re=0
+Rc=500m Cjs=0 Cje=24.07p Cjc=11.01p Vje=650m Vjc=750m Tf=466.5p Tr=233.7n
+mje=364.1m mjc=376.3m VA=90.7 ISE=26.03f IKF=206.1m Ne=1.244 NF=1 NR=1
+VAR=1e+30 IKR=0 ISC=0 NC=2 IRB=1e+30 RBM=0 XTF=0 VTF=0 ITF=0 PTF=0 XCJC=1
+VJS=750m MJS=0 XTB=1.5 EG=1.11 XTI=3 KF=0 AF=1 FC=500m)
.MODEL 1N4148 D(Is=100f Rs=16 Cjo=2p Vj=.7 Tt=12n M=500m BV=100 EG=1.11 XTI=3 KF=0 AF=1 FC=500m IBV=100f)
.MODEL Green D(Vj= 2.1)
.MODEL Yellow D(Vj=2.1)
.MODEL Red D(Vj=1.9)

* Op-Amp model
* The 741 is modelled as simply as possible due to the
* limited number of transistors that can be simulated by
* the student version of pspice.  The model used is that
* of a voltage-controlled current source (VCCS) with unity
* gain.
* connections:             non-inverting input
*                                | inverting input
*                                | | V+
*                                | | | V-
*                                | | | | output
.SUBCKT LM741    1 2 3 4 5

G741 5 3 4 2 1

.TRAN 0.00001ms 80ms   ;Do transient analysis every .00001ms, stop at 5ms
.AC DEC 10 10 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000GIGA
.PROBE       ;Create probe file
.END        ;end of file


3 Responses to “Full Wave Rectifier Simulation ver.1”

  1. drsharma said

    Please advice with price for RS Full Wave Rectifire to attach with the newly created generator for control the current Thanks.
    Kind Regards.
    Dr Sharma

    • I am not sure exactly what you are asking me for, but please do note of the following:

      1. Rs or RS is supply resistance and it is a function of the power supply. You could look at it as the output impedance of the power supply. The reason for using Rs in simulation file is because Pspice software would not let you to simulate an ideal independent power source. To achieve a close simulation results with the real thing, then you need to measure the output impedance of power supply or look for the value in the datasheet of the power supply, assuming you are using a third part power supply.

      2. If you want to hookup a third party full wave rectifier to your new generator, then you just have to look for a power supply adapter that would feed out the proper voltage and current into your generator. here is a link of a website that I use to buy things from:

      Lets assume that your generator requires 5V and 0.5A, then I would chose a power supply of 5V and 1A. using the above link and you get the following:

      hopefully this would answer your question.

  2. bypass said


    […]Full Wave Rectifier Simulation ver.1 « Circuit Negma[…]…

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