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Reading and Processing Numbers

Posted by Circuit Negma on March 13, 2006

One of the C++ properties is that C++ do not tolerate any kind of mismatch of
data type and their variables. For example, entering a char value into an int
or double variable causes serious errors, called Input Failure. 
 *  Copyright © 1997-2003 Metrowerks Corporation.  All Rights Reserved.
 *  Created By: Circuit Negma
 *  Description: 
 *               This Function checks if the input is a number (integer)
 *               or not. Then, The Function demands the the user input
 *               numbers only and not characters. This function make use
 *               of [ Input Failure ] to check the input stream. 

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int check()
	int i;
	bool flag;
	cout << "Please Enter a number: ";
	cin.clear();                        // Line 6
 	cin.ignore(500, '\n');              // Line 7
 	flag = cin >> i;
	 while (!flag)
	       cout << endl;
	       cin.ignore(500, '\n');
	       cout << "this is not a number" << endl;
	       cout << " you entered :  " << i << endl;
	       cout << "please enter a number again: ";
	       flag = cin >> i;
	       cout << "this is n:  " << i << endl << endl;
	return i;


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